Blankets, layers of weighty garments and thermal socks are a few on the methods Hawaii residents try to remain warm in a cold snap that has brought report lows. As temperatures hit the 50s, some outlets sold from place heaters. The cold continues to be brought on by winds DeMarcus Ware Jersey in the north and dry air. And we are not conversing about snow and ice on the peaks of Hawaii’s volcanic mountains. The cooler air is hitting folks in which they are living, accompanied by strong winds. In Honolulu, a 122-year-old history was damaged once the temperature dropped to fifty seven levels Monday, studies the city’s Star Advertiser. New lows were also established on Kauai and Maui. Room heaters have been offered out in a neighborhood hardware chain store, Tv set information KHON two stories. The station spoke to two residents about how they ended up staying warm: Snow about the peak & “biting temps of upper 70s” have ppl freaking out #hawaiiproblems cc:@weatherchannel @ dcschrader Catherine Leventhal #RedCro s (@CateLeventhal) January 6, 2015 “Three blankets, two jackets and thermal pants and socks,” Kathleen Smith said. “Under the blankets, major clothing, jacket when I go out,” Gloria Nahinu said. While some areas could see more chilly temperatures this week, Honolulu seems to be on track for highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s, according to multiple forecasts. For men John Elway Jersey and women who can only dream of temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now, it might be hard to resist poking fun at the idea of Hawaiians putting on a jacket to beat a cold snap.But in a very reminder that everything is relative, we’ll note that a new file low temperature on Earth was established in late 2013, when a NASA satellite reported that it was 135.8 levels below zero (Fahrenheit). Thanks to Hawaii Public Radio’s Molly Solomon for pointing this story out. read more →